Colla, a wonderful meeting (EN)


Colla, 30 color pages with a presentation of Luigi Cancrini, is a comic created and produced by our association of parents to help inform properly on Down syndrome, a genetic condition and diversity still subject to prejudice and misinformation. The choice of comics as a tool is a way to engage and attract the attention of children and young people, for which it was designed and to which we turn mainly. The contexts in which they meet and form the adults of tomorrow are in fact the most important places for us to try to counter the formation of prejudices. We therefore hope disclosure and presentation of the comic that, with the appropriate mediation of the adult, can promote a reflection on the theme of diversity. Copies of the comic, which is also available in English, may be obtained from the C.E.P.S. by e-mail

Colla, a wonderful meeting (free download)